Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Breakfast revisited - Rooibos Tea & Homemade cottage cheese with fruit#2

Rooibos Tea - or Red Bush Tea - arrived yesterday.
I do like the hearty taste. And it is caffeine free.
Finally - a decent replacement for coffee*.

I wanted to give fruit and homemade cottage cheese another try.
I microwaved the frozen fruit - blueberries & strawberries - for 1min at level5.
I added the cottage cheese.
It tasted much much better.  The fruit was chilled but fruity.  The cottage cheese added to the flavor of the fruit. We'll try this for a bit and then look for improvements and alternatives.

Still having headaches pretty much daily. 
But I'm heading to bed with ice packs one head and heating pads on neck with 2naproxin. They are not heading into migraine status (high levels of pain and long hours) so that is an improvement.

Have I been poisoning my body with my diet for 30years? A diet of yogurt & fruit, bananas, citrus, onions? And caffeine. Has the most of my troubles been caffeine?*


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