Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Roasting Veggies and Fruits

What a fabulous way to fix veggies and fruit.
And sooooo dang simple.
1. Cut up your fruits or veggies to about the same (eatable) size
2. Veggies: add a touch of oil & herbs.  Fruit: add a touch of sugar and herbs.
3.  Roast in the oven (from 350-400heat) until fork tender.

The roasting does something wonderful to the taste - takes all bitterness out of veggies. (If you don't believe me try roasting kale chips. And brussel sprouts!)
And fruit becomes caramelized. Just a touch.  Not too sweet but definitely changed forever.
And can be varied with ANY herb you want. Endless possibilities.

Do yourself a favor - use HALF (or LESS) of whatever amount of sugar they recommend. You only need a sprinkle of sugar - if that! Let the fruit taste like real fruit - not sugar.

Remember: do not use citrus or onions at all unless you know they are not one of your triggers*.

After tasting the goodness of roasting food in the over, you might even want to buy an outside grill - they taste even better (if that is possible)

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