Friday, April 11, 2014

Something to drink in the morning, plz.

I love coffee.
I can get myself out of bed in the morning because I know the $40 cappuccino maker will create a hot, frothy, creamy cuppa java in just a few minutes.
We drink so much coffee that our coffee maker usually dies in about 12 months.
We have taken our coffee maker on vacations with us - just so we don't have to be "without" our hearty brew.
Coffee is a treat for me.  Something I can brew up and feel really good about.

But today is day4 of my Migraine-Free Diet*.
I'm taking out the caffeine, tyramine, nitrate, nitrite, sulfite and chocolate from my diet in an attempt to get my headaches down from 10-15/month to under 2/month.

Day1 was painful.  The migraine started at 11am and didn't let up until late that night.
Day2 was better.  The migraine started about 4pm and I was only down for 4hrs.
No Imitrex.  Just two naproxin is all I am allowing myself so I won't get into rebound headaches.
Day3 held no headache.  I am encouraged.

But I need something to look forward to upon waking.
Something hearty and hot.
So far, the wimpy teas I've tried have not given me the satisfaction I crave.
Just hot water and milk have been better than the teas, so far.

I'm going to try Red Bush Tea from South Africa.
I remember reading about it in The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith.  And our dear neighbor who lived in South Africa recommended it.

I've ordered it from Amazon.  One hundred packets for $16 with 2day delivery.
No headache yet.  But it is early in the day.


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  1. Hi there,
    I also discovered that caffeine is a huge migraine trigger for me. So I switched to herbal tea about 6 months ago and it's really helped.

    One thing that I found that helped me get into tea is to make a little ceremony out of it. I discovered on Amazon that they sell individual tea sets. These include a one or two cup size tea pot, tea cup and sometimes a saucer (depending on what set your order). There are plain ones that are pretty cheap (I have 2 of those that cost about $10 each) and more ornate ones that are a bit more expensive (like $20 or even $40). You can do a search on Amazon to find the selection. They really help make the tea drinking experience something special. It's so nice to make a pot of tea and sit with my little tea set to drink it.

    I also found a lot of great caffeine free herbal teas at this website:

    I've ordered the Peach Roobias, Strawberry Roobias, and Peppermint Tea. None have given me migraines so far and they are delicious.

    I hope that helps!