Saturday, April 12, 2014

So what CAN I eat?

Headache yesterday.
Resisted taking Imitrex and took 2naproxin.  Rested with ice pack on temples and heating pad on neck.
Pinched the area between my thumb and forefinger as recommended by my new acupuncturist; I still don't see the benefits of acupuncture yet. But I'm pinching that area as I breathe deeply and fall into and out of sleep.
Amazingly, it went away after several hours.
Was it just a caffeine withdrawal?
Am I still processing rebound headaches?
Just taking this a day at a time.

I'm following the "do not eat" list from "Heal Your Headache" by David Buchholz* - about 130 trigger items.
Looking at the list, it feels like I cannot eat anything.
Certainly my 10-15 normal food items are not off the list.

Used to be I'd eat yogurt/fruit and coffee for breakfast.
Coffee 3-5xday - half caf / half decaf
Banana snack.
PB&J or tomato/cheese or dinner leftovers or a salad for lunch with milk.
Coffee and toast for snack.
Meat & veggies for dinner; lots of onions & avocados in season.
yogurt/fruit for tv time.
I've been trying to eat low carbs and avoid diabetic meds - so far successfully.

But the "do not eat" list includes almost all my normal 10-15 foods!
peanut butter
These foods are my easy to make, comfort foods that really satisfy my hunger.

Now that I'm transitioning out of these foods, I need something to take their place.
It is amazing how dear your "comfort" foods are to keeping your hunger satisfied.
I am thinking about food WAY too much.

I miss my coffee.
Tea is not cutting my craving at all.
Getting up is not as much fun right now.
I'm eager to get my Red Bush tea. Hopefully it will be my replacement.

What to use as replacement to yogurt & fruit?  And bananas? I eat those 2-4 times a day!
So easy to pick up and take along.
Clean to eat. Not drippy like an orange or even an apple. Not messy or crumbly.

I've made some homemade cottage.  Pretty yummy.
Cold fruit and cottage cheese isn't hitting the spot.
I tried heating it up this morning.  It was a little better.
It needs to be something easy and quick and satisfying and good for me. And easy to carry, store & eat.
Still looking.

Lunch standbys are still up in the air.
I'm trying not to eat bread so sandwiches are not my first choice.
I guess lunch has always been "catch as catch can" so it isn't so much different than before.

Dinner just needs more research than before.
Care taken to avoid the "do not eat" items.
Found a great recipe for butternut squash and pork chunks. Just needed to replace the onions with shallots and leave out the lemon.

More research for tonight's meal.

But I am in love with a vanilla pudding from "Migraine-Free Cooking!" by Heidi Gunderson.
2c milk, 2eggs and I've reduced the sugar by a third (I just don't like stuff so sweet).
Yum!  That satisfies my sweet tooth!  But it is more sugar than I normally eat.
I'm letting it into my diet as I make the transition, but it cannot stay on a daily basis.

I am eager to find my best mix of 10-15 food items that satisfy me and can always be found in my fridge.


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  1. Hi,
    I read and did the diet from that book too. I think one thing that he says is that regular onions are triggers but green onions, leeks, and shallots are not. I've been using shallots and I find they are not migraine triggers for me, so you might want to try them. They're actually not as strong as regular onions so I like the flavor much more.